Home Refinancing

There are many advantages to refinancing.
Here are the 3 top ways you can save on monthly payments or interest:

number 1
Lower Interest Rate & Term
Refinance your existing loan balance for a lower interest rate or mortgage term you can afford. Either way you’ll save money long-term.
number 2
Remove Mortgage Insurance
If your home value has increased or if you’ve paid down your mortgage debt, you may save money by eliminating a PMI payment each month.
number 3
Change Your Loan Type
Life changes. Realign your loan to increase stability, lower your payments or put cash in the bank. Find a loan that meets your changing needs.

Identify Opportunities

These insightful tools are designed to help you increase stability, lower your payments or put cash in the bank.

Total Cost Analysis

Discover potential savings. Get tailored loan comparisons, interest rates and monthly payment options in a report that's easy-to-read.

The Churchill Smarter Mortgage Plan

Align your mortgage with your goals. Refinancing can be a vital step in paying off your loan early and becoming debt-free. Set your future up for success.

Mortgage Calculators

See the savings. Crunch the numbers to help you better understand how extra payments will impact the interest you pay over time!

What it Costs to Wait

Don’t delay your savings. Holding off on your decision to refinance your home can be costly. If you’re not sure if now is the right time, this quick video may help you decide.